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I’m a ruddy big deal.


What do you do if you have found someone that you could stand being around for an extended period of time, and could possibly consider some kind of relationship with; but they just aren’t that interested?

Well, obviously if you are chasing them down the road, wearing a wedding dress, and they are running away; I think it’s probably time you moved on. Because he/she is just not feeling it. And of course; if they have literally said to your face ‘I do not like you, I am not interested in having any part of you’, then please it’s time to get your coat.

But what do you do if all the signs are there, words have been exchanged, and yet there is just nothing happening? Now, I am, I would say quite strong, I run a mile from someone if they don’t do right by me (relationship wise), and will not put up with any crap. However; sometimes there are just those douche bags that get under your skin. So, what do you do? Do you just act all submissive and let them pick you up, drop you back down whenever they want? Or do you pick up your nuts, and walk away? And at what point do you do this?

From my own experience; I find it hard enough to find someone I could contemplate seeing their face more than once a week, so when I do find someone that tickles my pickle, I do tend to go forth balls in the air, which, provokes them to run away; weeping and hysterically screaming. But for the few that stay, the majority of the time, nothing happens. I end up being the ‘friend’.

I receive shockingly pathetic sentiments like; ‘I love you, but you’re the one person in the whole world I just don’t want to hurt’ or ‘You’re amazing, you blow my mind, but I don’t want to lose what we have’ or ‘I like you, I just don’t want a relationship’.

Well, you tool, if I blow your mind, let me into your pants on a regular basis. And I’m not asking to marry you, I’m asking to see you a little more, and maybe be close to your face a bit more. I mean come on. What is stupid about this whole situation is that people are just not honest. If you don’t like me, tell me, so I can find someone who does. If you just don’t want to rip my clothes off, tell me so I can rip someone else’s off. It’s not hard; it saves time and saves broken hearts.

Now, I don’t really have a specific way of dealing with this situation, I have tried many, and at the end of the day it ends up with me, a bottle of wine, and general desperation. Now, the first thing to do is not to panic. The way I think about it is simply; if he’s interested, he/she will make it happen. So, my advice is simple; don’t hang on. Easier said than done I know, because of the confusing head buggering that’s going on. But, there is no point buying into it, and doing those silly little things we all do; like when you best friend turns around and says ‘Make him jealous, he will be like putty in your hands’…No..No he won’t, he will either not even notice because he isn’t interested, or it will make him annoyed. So, what’s the point? Why not spend your time finding someone worth your time and effort?

Okay, so what about the one’s that actually show you attention, you flirt with, you kiss, and maybe you even hook up with? Well, this I don’t think I can advise you on. I still don’t fully understand those types. Maybe, to put it bluntly; he’s just not that into you. It’s horrible to say, so don’t go for the bottle of vodka when I say this, but even though he/she maybe be showing you all the right signals, maybe he/she is just using you. Maybe not intentionally, they could just be a bit dense and a bit naïve, and not see what they are doing. Just remember; these people, as nice as they may be, are just not good enough. So, scoop up your balls off of the floor, put them back in your pants, and go and find a nice pretty one to distract you.

Sometimes you just have to look yourself in the mirror and say ‘I am beautiful, I have plenty of substance, slightly mad and have more issues than a Beano. But I am a ruddy big deal, and deserve someone who can stimulate my mind more than just blinding me with confusion

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