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I do have a point, somewhere….


Apparently, I did not get the ‘Dating is dead’ memo. Why is it that in this day and age, going out on dates with general strangers is a bit shocking? Now, I am unsure on whether maybe it’s just the area I am in or the people I hang out with…But most of my friends and people I have talked at (literally) about it, are generally shocked to hear how often I go on dates. I am not saying I take people out left right and centre, and am out most nights of the week. I mean, I’m not Carrie Bradshaw. What a tramp, COUGH. However; in the past three months, I will admit I have been on several dates.

This whole suggestion that the Dating Game is coming to an end saddens me somewhat. Because, in what other circumstance can you pretend to be totally awesome, without your friends sniggering, and saying ‘She’s lying again, what a douche’. And also; in what other situation can you pretend that holiday you went on last year, to Crete, was you travelling and ‘finding yourself’. And finally; it is the only time you can get drunk and get away with it on a week day evening. OH it was just nerves!!

What ever happened to the days of courtship? I am not saying I want someone to appear at my door, after having walked several miles; just to hand me a note to ask if they could accompany on my daily walk, in several days’ time. However; I am saying that maybe it would be good, for more people to get out their pulling pants and go out with a complete stranger for an evening.

It seems to me; relationships occur these days only on social networking sites, and one of those accidental relationships that happen with a good friend. The one where you are like; boom, I’m in a relationship – how did that happen? I thought we were just mates, but apparently I like you better when you’re naked. Why not mix it up a bit. What happened to the days when you could ask out a random person; during the day, whilst walking through your town/city? Let’s face it, what have you to lose? Nothing. But you could meet a fantastic human being and have a good giggle. Worst thing that could happen I suppose, is that the person is a creepy bugger, who looks like a convict. If this does occur; please find a safe place, call a friend, and get the hell out of there. Don’t be a mug.

One thing that we have to remember when venturing out on a date is that it is not going to be like a scene from Sex and The City, unfortunately. Sadly; there is a slim chance we will get swept off of our feet by a charming, rich Frenchman, and taken to a romantic candle lit dinner at an art gallery. That he has hired just for this occasion. However; you will be excited to learn that you might get sausage and chips in a basket, with a beer thrown in for good measure. Better than a slap in the chops with a wet mackerel I like to think.

After actually thinking about this whole situation further, maybe it is me who has it wrong. Maybe because I date so much, I am giving off a slightly mental desperate allure, which then in turn leaves me alone with my two cats, again. Or maybe I am becoming so interested in the whole dating game, that I am not giving the actual dates a chance, because I am far too busy planning the next date. It’s a fine line. Maybe I should revaluate my strategy here when it comes to finding Mr or Miss Right.


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