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It is very common for hackers to impersonate banks or other institutions by sending bills, receipts, fines and more. Therefore, it is necessary to identify if the message is true or not and, thus, not to open the e-mail and immediately eliminate the threat.

The download links you receive need extra attention from company workers and can be a big problem if not taken seriously.

Thanks to the mobility of data that is currently possible, most workers use various devices to carry out their work activities and end up needing to share information and download content, all this through access to the corporate network. Therefore, it is essential that users verify if the links are really reliable and safe, as they can redirect to fake pages and even infect the device used.

When a worker is connected to the corporate network and opens an infected link, all machines are put at risk, since the installation of the virus frees the access of criminals to the network.

To prevent this from happening, users should avoid downloading any file, and when in doubt about any link, it should be blocked.

Many e-mails received appear to be authentic and addressed to users. This happens because cybercrime is more innovative every day, as they use more modern technology to their advantage, such as Artificial Intelligence.

Therefore, one of the first things to do when receiving an email is to verify the sender. Was the user waiting for that email? Do you know the person who sent it?

It is necessary to verify if the email address is correct, since, many times, hackers pose as well-known companies, but change some letters of the name. This is the first warning that it is false; therefore, you must remove it quickly.

Like e-mails, many malicious web pages have the same image as the real ones, with only a few different details. With this they easily fool users.

Therefore, before accessing the page or leaving any personal information on it, you need to verify your domain. It is important to research on the internet about that page; in case it is malicious, other people may be talking about it and issuing alerts.

The devices used by workers to carry out their tasks can be so many that companies may not have full control over them. For this reason, it is important to require that each user keep their devices up to date.

When software is working on older versions, cybercriminals can take advantage of uncorrected breaches to invade the device and steal important data. In this way, it is crucial to keep all devices and applications up-to-date, since your suppliers always make the necessary corrections to make them more secure.

Even if all possible care is taken, users can make mistakes and suspect that some threat is affecting their devices. At such times, it is essential to notify the IT team as quickly as possible.

When the right professionals know about the problem up front, the chances of loss are less. In this way, they can take the necessary steps to eliminate the threat.

As you can see, the user can help a lot for the success of the information security of the companies. It is not enough to use the most robust protection solutions if workers are not following the correct measures. For this reason, explain clearly to your clients that workers are an essential part of the strategy used.

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