dating advice: 7 Mistakes One Most women Create

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If you want to make your Instagram account private, press the button with the three horizontal bars that appears in the upper right part of your profile. Then select the option “settings”, “Privacy” and change your account to “Private”. This way only the people you approve will be able to see your photos and videos.

In the case of Twitter, you only have to look for the three points that appear in the bar located in the upper left part of your screen, go to “Settings and privacy” and make the modifications that you consider necessary.

If you have teenage children, talk to them about the fashion social network TikTok, a fashion platform where short videos of up to 15 seconds are shared. According to a recent BBC investigation, some critics in the United States warn that the application has the potential to compromise the privacy of users.

Whether on the computer you use in the office or even on your personal devices, it is best to always log out after using your networks to prevent someone else from accessing your social networks, photos and chats.

Social media and email have the function of notifying at login time on new devices. Turning it on could help you immediately identify if someone has logged into your accounts and intercept them.

Every time you download an app to your phone, it asks for permission to access your camera, image or video gallery. Most applications can be installed without accepting these permissions (you must manually deselect them). In case it cannot be installed without giving you some permissions, analyze how convenient it is to do so.

There are many false profiles and people looking to violate others. The best thing is that you don’t take any chances and delete requests from people you don’t know.

Avoid using geolocation, sharing your phone number or other data in your social media posts. In case you need to publish your cell phone or email in case you want to sell a product, for example, try to limit the publication only to your contacts.

Finally, in the event that any of your networks is compromised, you must act quickly by blocking the user or changing the password so that they cannot enter again. If your identity is stolen to make another profile, report it through the platform and ask for help from other users so that by doing the same, the service provider receives the alert signal and removes the false profile.

While it can be nice to share memories with your family, discuss the importance of doing so on social media. In a matter of a couple of clicks, a malicious person can access the people you have tagged in your photos and see what kind of relationship they have.

Rodas suggests that you avoid taking photos in front of your house and also do not save your home or work addresses in the Waze app.

Electoral campaigns have traditionally been said to serve to persuade doubtful voters or potential supporters.

On Tuesday, the Nicaraguan Congress approved a cybercrime law, known as the “gag” law, which punishes with jail the people and entities that the government considers disseminate & # …

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