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Surely on some occasion you have asked someone for their computer to carry out a specific task. But, even if that person is completely trusted, the data you enter on that computer may not have complete security and will sooner or later be exposed to the malicious acts of a hacker who can get hold of that personal information. To avoid falling into this trap, which does not seem dangerous at first, I recommend that you follow the following tips:

Log out when you’re done: It’s critical to log out when you’re done using the device, since you don’t know how long your session can stay open or who can take advantage of that open summer to gossip.

Do not allow the browser to remember passwords: Browsers, to make your life easier, give you the option of saving and remembering the passwords that you are using in your digital accounts. In this case, since the computer is not yours, you don’t want anything to be saved, so enter the password manually each time you want to access.

Avoid making purchases online: When you want to make purchases over the Internet, avoid doing it from a computer that is not yours. The normal thing is to use credit cards that, in the hands of another person, can lead to a critical situation. Therefore, always make purchases online from your own computer.

Never leave your computer open while you are logged in: If you are using your computer and neglect it for a moment, it may be enough for someone else (even a cybercriminal) to arrive and steal your personal information. It is not normal for this to happen, but there is always risk, so be very careful.

Use incognito browsing whenever you can: The incognito connection allows you to browse the Internet without leaving a trace. Anyway, although the reality is that this mode does not make you 100% invisible, but you can browse in a more anonymous way.

Use a virtual keyboard: If you want to achieve maximum security, you also have the possibility of using a virtual keyboard. In this type of digital keyboard, the characters are written with the mouse through a keyboard that appears on the screen. In this way, keyloggers, a type of software or specific hardware device that is responsible for recording the keystrokes made on the keyboard to later store them in a file or send them over the Internet, will help you to be more secure.

Hotels, restaurants, airports, stations, … it doesn’t matter, there are hundreds of sites that offer free Wi-Fi connections to which you can connect with your computer or mobile phone.

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